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Home Health Services of the Palm Beaches (HHSPB) - The leading provider of home health services for Alzheimer's and Dementia clients in Palm Beach County.

Karen White, MBA
Founder and Owner, Home Health Services
of The Palm Beaches (HHSPB)

Who we are!

HHSPB is the helping hand you need to ensure that your loved one is comfortable, at peace, and continues to experience the joy and happiness that life has to offer. Karen White, the Founder and Owner of HHSPB, is passionate about ensuring that clients receive the quality care they deserve while their family caretakers are  receiving support and encouragement during periods of transition.

At HHSPB we understand that your family member may not be ready to leave home, and they may require more support and care giving services than you are able to provide. 


As the caregiver of your family member, you may also be experiencing some guilt surrounding the disruption of your own life, and you may be wondering what to do about it. Karen has personally experienced the wide range of emotions that can erupt when dealing with this type of

stressful situation.

Why we do what we do!

Karen has always been extremely close to her family. She discovered her purpose when one of her family members, her aunt, began to suffer from Dementia. Fascinated by the life her aunt had lived, Karen knew that she was still the same independent, fun loving, and carefree person she had always been. With hopes of doing all she could to help her aunt retain the optimism and passion she always had for life, Karen dedicated herself to caring for her aunt as Dementia began to take its toll. 

During the years of providing care for her aunt, Karen realized that there had to be other families who wanted the same type of personal and individualized care for their loved ones that she was able to give her aunt. As Karen's knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of the needs of individuals with Dementia and Alzheimer's grew, she was able to recognize that individuals, who suffer from Alzheimer's and Dementia created a unique set of challenges for their caregivers. As the primary caregiver of her aunt, Karen experienced first hand an incredible amount of frustration and guilt while caring for her aunt.  Emotional outbursts, stubbornness over completing the simplest tasks, and physical altercations are some of the symptoms that can be exhibited by the family member in decline. Karen experienced all of these symptoms while caring for her aunt.

Committed to keeping the quality of life as high as possible for the both of them, she employed a combination of emotional and practical techniques that included memory care stimulation, stress relief, and other activities which helped her aunt remain calm  while making her as emotionally and physically comfortable as possible. And, she learned to take time for herself, seeking qualified and nurturing support so she could get out of the house without feeling guilty.  During this time, Karen learned how to put things in perspective. She learned how to focus her thoughts and way of thinking so that she didn’t succumb to anger, frustration, or guilt while caring for her aunt.

Karen’s personal journey during this unique and special time established her passion for creating a home health service organization which she believes would afford every family the opportunity to create an environment that honors the dignity and respect of their declining loved one, while retaining a healthy home environment for the rest of the family.

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